Google Goggles for iPhone

Screenshot of Google Goggles

This is a historic day in technology. Computers are beginning to see into our human lives. Google Goggles has launched for the iPhone.

Future Weapons

Military Laser Experiment

Since the first microorganism on Earth fired a blast of toxins at a rival colony, the arms race has yet to cease.

Hand-Held Mortar

One Million Rounds Per Minute

BAMBI 1.2 Beta

The prototype in this video is not weaponized, however these agile robots could be used for combat and reconnaissance. Note how well it handles debris. It would be good at walking through a war-torn, urban city.

Military Laser Experiment

Military Laser Experiment

Terraforming Planets

An artist's conception shows a terraformed Mars in development stage three of four.

An artist's conception shows a terraformed Mars in development stage three of four.

To the best of man’s knowledge, Earth is the only planet known to sustain life. What if that could change? The universe is still being mapped out and scanned, and our ability to perceive the presence of distant planets is increasing. Whether by discovering an already habitable planet or by consequence of terraforming one to suit life, Earth may not stand alone forever.

The technology and energy required to start terraforming Mars, Venus, or a moon is a major scientific and engineering challenge. Can a Type 0 civilization muster the tools for the task? Using microorganisms or self-replicating nanobots may provide options. Michio Kaku explains what different levels of civilizations are capable of accomplishing, such as terraformation and weather control:

If the technology and resources were available now, which planetary body would you terraform?

Growth of Social Media

Social Media is a communication tool. All social creatures on the planet use communication to work together, and ultimately, survive and prosper. What can tools like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Mashable do for our species? How does it affect our ability to prosper, share, survive and know each other?

Thanks to Barb Dybwad for sharing this article about the growth of social media.

This video blew my mind: